Plants for confectionery industries

Nougat cookers, pralina machines, pans, candy dispensers and many other confectionery systems are part of an incredibly fascinating world: that of the confectionery industries; a reality dictated by a strong dynamism, both from the point of view of the market, from the legislative point of view (relating to hygiene and safety regulations) and above all from the consumer demand.

Noi di Rollermac come anche i più grandi esponenti del settore abbiamo necessariamente bisogno di aggiornamenti costanti per rendere i nostri impianti sempre più veloci, sicuri ed efficaci con l’obbiettivo di essere competitivi, ma anche di restare al passo con le necessità dei nostri clienti e con le esigenze del mercato. Scopriamo insieme le caratteristiche e le curiosità degli impianti relativi alle industrie dolciarie.

We at Rollermac, as well as the greatest exponents of the sector, necessarily need constant updates to make our systems ever faster, safer and more effective with the aim of being competitive, but also of keeping up with the needs of our customers and with the needs of the market. Let’s discover together the characteristics and curiosities of the plants related to the confectionery industries.

Increasingly perfected systems linked to sustainability

The confectionery industry is facing really important challenges related to the high cost of energy and also of raw materials, challenges that become even more difficult if conditioned by the presence of obsolete plants. For this reason, but also to better protect the environment, having innovative systems, in step with new technologies and opportunities, is essential for energy consumption and for optimizing production. Therefore, every smallest phase of the production process such as weighing, cooking, shaping and so on, must be perfected to ensure more sustainability.

To meet the needs of users, plants for the confectionery industry are produced with the aim of being easy to use and fast in their function, so as to increase flexibility and speed in production.

The innovation and efficiency of Rollermac confectionery systems

As we have anticipated, with the aim of maximizing productivity in a sustainable way, the confectionery industry plants must be constantly updated in order to optimize all phases of their production processes.

It is important that each stage of production is automated and optimized with the aim of containing costs and maximizing company performance.

The use of efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption and limit the impact on the environment, combined with a good management of materials, are essential factors for an excellent and respectful production.

We at Rollermac offer a wide range of systems that deal with various phases concerning the confectionary preparation and which also differ according to the type of product to be prepared, such as, for example, the nougats are systems specialized in the production (as you can imagine) of nougats.

Come and discover our professional and specialized systems: ideal for all those who wish to optimize the production of their sweets with effective, efficient and quality machinery.
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