How to get several jelly candies in a single production cycle

Delicious, tasty, colorful and highly sugary! Ideal for small pleasures or snacks, they are available on the market in many fruity and non-fruity flavours.

What are we talking about? Gummy candies also known as gelèe candies: these are small soft sweets full of sweet flavors, appreciated by the little ones but above all by the older ones.

Let’s discover together the curiosities of these delicious candies and how to produce them effectively.

History, curiosities and constitution of gelèe candies

The first candies in history appeared for the first time in the year one thousand and over the centuries, thanks to the development of new processing techniques, they became an object of production by industries in the 1800s.

However, gummy candies were born much later, especially in Germany in 1922, thanks to Johannes Riegel and his wife Gertrug Riegel, who with a copper pot and a lot of sugar managed to create the most famous candies ever.

Subsequently, the celebrity of these sweet products increased even more: why? Thanks to the shape! The first manufacturers of gummy candies changed the shape of their items reducing them to teddy bears: the “gummy bears”, or “gummy bears” are still today a true classic among the most loved sweets and candies.

Usually, gelee candies are made up of a mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, flavourings, starch, colourings, citric acid and gelatine and specific machinery is currently used for its production capable of making the candies perfect, both point of view of taste and aesthetics.

Today in the world of jelly candy production, the real challenge is to ensure that they are produced differently within the same production cycle; this is why our machinery proves to be ideal for processing and producing these candies: let’s find out together in the next paragraph.

Rollermac candy depositors: guaranteed quality!

From the production capacity of 40 kg/h (counter version) up to 750 kg/h, the Rollermac pouring machines for gelée candies are made with a piston system which doses the quantity into the silicone molds avoiding dirtying the environment and thus allowing the use of moulds, even of different shapes, in the same production cycle.

Our depositors stand out for their high-performance functionality and excellent quality, an example?

  • Rollercandy_40: through this machine the product is kept at a constant temperature and is subsequently poured into silicone trays. The advancement of the trays, the loading and unloading is manual and it is also possible to view the data and manage the control from the electrical panel.
  • Rollercandy_150: perfect for jellies and fondants, it has the same characteristics as the first machine with the only difference that the advancement of the trays is mechanical, while the loading and unloading of the trays take place manually.
  • Rollersmilicon: it is the ideal universal machine for extracting jellies from moulds, the structure is completely in stainless steel.

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