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Roasting, especially that involving dried fruit, is an art with a long history and which continues to evolve. The roasting of products such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and grains has been practiced for centuries to improve the flavor and texture of these food products.

With the advent of nut roasters, the art of roasting nuts has become more precise and accessible to a wide range of food producers.

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Specifications, features and benefits of roasters

Roasting roasters are machines designed to roast nuts in a uniform and controlled way. Thanks to these tools, food producers can control the temperature and roasting time to obtain the desired taste from light and crunchy to deep and intense.

The advantages of using coffee roasters are many. First of all, the uniform roasting of the dried fruit guarantees an excellent flavor in all its parts. Furthermore, the ability to control the temperature and roasting time allows you to experiment and obtain the perfect taste for the food product you want to obtain. Roasting nuts also improves shelf life, making these products more suitable for long-term storage.

Roasters for roasting nuts are used by many food manufacturers such as pastry shops, bars and other businesses that require roasted nuts for the preparation of their foods. There are different roasters on the market with different sizes and capacities and Rollermac is able to offer some from 10 kg up to 100 kg per work cycle.

Rollermac roasters: efficient and fast

Roasting roasters are an important tool for food manufacturers looking to improve the flavor and texture of nuts.

Rollermac offers quality roasters such as Rollerroast 10, Rollerroast 35 and Rollerroast 100, all capable of homogeneously and efficiently roasting the product: in fact, the latter can be unloaded raw directly onto the cooking cylinder and roasting takes place uniformly.

Furthermore, all our machines offer the possibility of electronically controlling the temperature and the burner. And the roaster they are made of also has a cooling carousel to cool the product evenly.

Our roasting tools are born from the passion and experience for the confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We design and manufacture many different products for the production of candies, fondants, pralines, sugared almonds, jellies and much more.

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