Rollermac S.r.l. was established in the ‘70s and expanded its activity from its experience in industrial confectionery production, gained in leading international firms in the field. In-depth knowledge of mechanics and production problems allowed Rollermac to propose specific solutions to the real requirements of the sector: building machines and small plants characterised by mechanical simplification and great production reliability.
The firm’s goal was to offer solutions to a large number of small and medium entrepreneurs for investing – sometimes even without specific experience – in the confectionery industry sector, a sector that guarantees significant economic returns with short equipment amortization times. Today Rollermac, maintaining its philosophy, has developed its own range of products, building advanced automatic machines and plants in order to meet the new requirements of its traditional clientele and of the more advanced market, with concrete solutions for meeting the needs of the confectionery industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

The Rollermac business philosophy is based on after-sales and customer service: our clients can have the privilege of exclusivity, i.e. the possibility, where necessary, of personalising a Rollermac machine according to their work and product needs.

Solutions and adaptations aimed at various levels have been studied for this purpose, to satisfy every specific requirement, with scheduled routine and extraordinary maintenance operations on the machines and plants.

Experience in the sector, in-depth knowledge of the products that can be made using our machinery and the equally in-depth technological process knowledge are the added value that the firm gives its clientele and, in spite of the continuous and various attempts at imitation, Rollermac is still the best choice.

Rollermac builds machines and plants for the production of:

  • NOUGAT:Soft and crumbly with and without chocolate coating. Nougat with almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios, in various flavours like vanilla, lemon, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruit, etc.
  • Sizes: Small nougat bars and bars of all sizes.
  • Machines for cutting nougat and similar products: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.
  • NUT BRITTLE: from production to cutting of the product.
  • BARS: Bars of cereals and similar products, from production to cutting.
  • JELLIES: CSweets of various shapes, colours and flavours.
  • FONDANTS: Different shapes and flavours.
  • CONFECTIONERY: From the traditional sugar-coated almonds to the silver coated ones, from those with a nut centre to chocolate ones.
  • PRALINES: Sugar-coated nuts or similar products, covered with chocolate or coated with caramelised sugar.
  • PACKAGING: Reconditioning and renovation of double twist wrapping machines. Flow-pack packaging solutions.
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