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To meet the needs of customers, who increasingly want to have access to custom-made workshops with machinery capable of performing multiple processes, Rollermac Group offers the design and construction of customized production lines.

The machines designed and manufactured according to the customization program are built on the basis of precise requirements indicated by the customer, so as to adapt perfectly to the needs of his company. There is no challenge that the Rollermac Group team cannot face!

The company’s team of engineers and technicians is at the customer’s complete disposal and works closely with the client to develop together a project that meets his expectations.

In order to meet the high standards that have made Rollermac Group known all over the world, nothing is left to chance. Each phase of the design and construction of the machinery is taken care of in the smallest details: from the conduct of analysis of the specifications to the feasibility study, from the logical-functional design to the sizing, up to the testing of the machines.

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the product and thirty years of experience in the sector, Rollermac Group is able to advise and guide clients, with seriousness and transparency, in identifying the machinery and technologies most in line with their needs.


machines for the confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors

 — Rollermac Group 

Automated machinery and production lines

The main objective of Rollermac Group is to create cutting-edge, efficient and extremely versatile machinery. The company knows just how important precise and controlled doses, times and temperatures are when creating products for the confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

With a Research & Development department fully aware of market demands, the company is able to study and design highly advanced machinery, equipped with mechanical arms that can be installed to make production lines automatic or semi-automatic, speed up production cycles, reduce processing times and always create perfect products.

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