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02) Nougat Machine DAN 15 / DAN 30


A new generation nougat cooker for small productions, made entirely in stainless steel for food use. At the end of the production the mixing paddle can be removed from the vat, thus facilitating the manual extraction of the product. The production capacity is close to 15/17 kg (DAN 15) - 30/32 Kg (DAN 30) of finished product for each nougat production cycle. It is fitted with a temperature regulator viewable on a display and with a speed adjuster variable from 4 o 80 rpm controlled by an inverter. The cooker Heating is entrusted to electric resistors which guarantee the perfect heating of the vat. The latter is a double jacketed vat, the resistors heat an edible liquid which allows to work the product at the desired temperature without any intervention by the operator. Special technical constructions methods, give the machine a perfect stability and absence of vibrations. Technical characteristics: stainless steel structure, heated double jacketed vat, variable speed, double brush main shaft, electrical heating, stainless steel double jacketed vat, interchangeable paddle. Dimensions: mm 620x1050x1180h (DAN 15)