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01) Multifunctional cooker / Nougat Machine model DAN 5 TCP rib - DAN 5 TCP-K rib

Multifunctional cooker/Nougat machine model DAN 5 TCP rib/DAN 5 TCP-K rib
Small, yet extremely professional, this new generation nougat-making machine (soft and hard) for small productions is built entirely of stainless steel and food grade avional aluminum (very strong). A patented machine that is especially versatile, also great for the production of jams, creams, differents paste or as a simple chocolate melter. The TCP-K model is also able to reach a much higher temperatures (up to 280° instead of 130°) and therefore to produce also crispy-black-nougat (“croccante” – caramelised sugar). The model with the CV extension has a system of cooking with the technology of "empty" (vacuum): machine with a pump and a plexiglass hood, system that can cook the raw materials in an optimal manner and in less time while maintaining the original organoleptic characteristics and natural colors. Production capacity: 5/7 kg of finished product for each nougat making process (DAN 5 TCP/K rib); 15/17 Kg (DAN 15 TCP/K rib); 30/32 Kg (DAN 30 TCP rib - NO K version). The cooker is heated through electric resistances that guarantee the perfect heating of the tank. Despite being a small sized machine, it still has a double wall: the resistences heat up a liquid foodstuff that permits the product to be worked at the desired temperature without any control by the operator. The product is taken out using the tank’s automatic/electronic tilting system. Size: mm 720x500x700h (DAN 5 TCP rib) - mm 1100x750x900h (DAN 15 TCP rib) mm 1200x900x1100h (DAN 30 TCP rib).