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03) Combined dragées and pralines machine - PRABA 10 FR / PRABA 10 FR Automatic



An extremely versatile machine which combines models coating pan BA15 FR Automatic and pralines machine PRA 8 rib in the same machine casing. It is equipped with two mixing pans, one in copper alloy and one in stainless steel.  Integrated refrigeration system, visual display temperature control (allowing selection of a flow of hot, ambient- temperature or refrigerated air). The cold air accelerates the solidification of the chocolate and then accelerates the process. Mixing pan quick-release system which accelerates and improves the production process even more by allowing pans to be changed (in order to gloss or to change type/colour of chocolate without first having to wash the pan and/or use a second machine). Equipped also with gas heater for making praline, this machine is fitted with a low pressure burner enclosed in a stainless steel protective carter, which can be simply left switched off when coating with chocolate. This machine has been designed to give a perfect, glossy end product, whether covered in chocolate or in cooked sugar. Among the many coating and praline machines available on the market for small quantity production, Rollermac’s BA15 FR Automatic and the PRA 8 rib have always been at the top for the materials used and for the quality of the  finished product. The new PRABA 15 FR Automatic will occupy exactly the same position. Production capacity up to 8 Kg (pralines)/15 Kg (chocolate covered product/dragees) of finished product per working cycle.


The same general description of PRABA 10 Fr, but with also an Internal heated tank for loading chocolate, automatic sprayer, timer and controlled by the PLC. The machine is able to create perfect dragée without manpower.